Make your eyes more fascinating with all new Sephora’s Upside Down Mascara
Adopt a new way of applying the makeup staple with a new fangled, double brush, Sephora’s Upside Down Mascara.
Mascara is one of the inevitable parts of makeup products for the women. Most of the women select mascara, if they have to make a choice for choosing only one makeup product from all, for their face. And why not they do so; the curling, darkening and lengthening eye lashes provide a reflexive impact in the face and make it adorable.
Since ancient times, from about 4000 BC, mascara has been used for kohl to darken eye lashes of the Egyptian Women and men. The luxurious, long eyelashes are highly popular that one of the researchers in his paper named Beauty, Politics and Patriarchy; say that mascara helps in the mimic neoteny, especially for the large eyes. Mascara separates the eyelash from rim of the eyes and creates a doe like illusion that makes the eyes appear larger and wider. Broad eyes are culturally with the youth and subconsciously, it is associated with the innocence. Both factors youth and innocence, prompt with protective instincts and generate a feeling of attraction.
Folks are always seeking for the mascara that has a perfect formula, perfect wand, perfect brush or a combination of all the three, in one. As everyone knows the beneficial effects of mascara and they want the best that they can get. Aiming to fulfill this demand of the folks, we create the Sephora’s Upside down Mascara. This all new flanged Sephora’s product is totally sulfate, paraben and phthalate free that gives your face, a new glowing look.
For getting ultimate volume, use open wand by simply placing the eyelashes between the lower and upper mascara brush. This helps in coating the eyelashes all around 360 degrees with the Volumizing pigment. To get a long lash, broad eyed look, you should use dual brush for the maximum delivery. You can also get a defined lower lash through closed mascara brush. Sephora’s upside down mascara gives you the maximized lash effect, if you apply all these techniques.
Sephora comes with the new formula or gizmo; betting that you can’t find the holy grail of mascara as like this anywhere. Do you have the answer that you are looking for? If still not, then you should try Sephora’s upside down mascara, just once and feel the difference. It ensures the safety of eyes, as it is free from harmful chemicals such as Sulfate, Paraben and Phthalate. This is a major advantage of Sephora’s mascara.
It has double brushes that makes it convenient and makes the deep application of the mascara in the eyes possible. Obviously, in the beauty product quality is always supreme and that’s what Sephora’s upside down mascara promises. It gives your face a gorgeous look that is highly appreciated by the people. All these features make Sephora’s Upside Down mascara a preferable choice of people. Then, why you kept yourself aside from the overwhelming benefits of Sephora’s Upside Down Mascara. Try it now.

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