Why I Quit My Job

The world of unemployment is one that is often feared and therefore not very populated. In the US, there is an approximated 1 out of 9 people that have chosen the path of self employment. This is lower than most European countries as well as Canada. Considering the fact that most individuals in the United States are entrepreneurial in their outlook, it is a particularly low number especially given that as high as 60 percent of jobs in the US come from small companies that has fewer than 500 employees. It is not something that should be feared but rather embraced. It is great to understand that independence and ambition is something that is to be enjoyed completely. These are some of the joys of being self employed:
• Freedom of choosing what it is that you wish to do and the direction that your business should go in is a big up side to self employment. When working with a company, even as a CEO, there is a job definition and boundaries within which to work.
• Freedom to be you is also one of the perks of being self employed. In a company, there is pressure to act according to the expectations of the position and the corporate culture. Not everyone is suited for the structure that comes along with working for someone else.
• Freedom to get the value that you create makes being self employed much more worthwhile. What you achieve is solely because of your work. The rewards all go to you, which help to boost morale and drive. These rewards may be both financial and otherwise. By working with a company, you will only be credited a small percentage of your actual achievements.
• Feeling that you job is secure is not something that you can get when employed by someone else. Having the reigns in your hand eliminates the fear of being laid off. While it is a risk to go into business on your own, in the end, the level of job security that comes with being self employed will never be felt with a company.
• Feeling in control of your life is something that everyone wants. Having the freedom to live where you choose to rather than where you find a job is one of the benefits of self employment. You are allowed to sleep in, take vacations, work harder and work according to your own schedule. All of this without having to ask permission.
• Belief in your abilities comes with not having to worry about what others think. There is no one else to be concerned about how capable they think that you are. There is no one that will see how capable you are like you will see it. By being self employed, you are no longer limiting yourself to another person’s perceptions.
• Working to create results and not to impress others is one of the greatest joys of being self employed. No matter what rung a person is on the corporate ladder, they are working for another person’s approval. By being self employed, you work to please yourself.

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