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I first discovered Milani Products when I watched a YouTube video by the beautiful GlowofGrace. In her video she featured many Milani products that caught my interest. I started doing my research on Google and noticed Milani products had good reviews especially on African American skin tones. I went online and ordered bronzer, lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner. Boy, did I fall in love with the products I received. Being dark skin I found that there pink and gold blush worked really well on my skin tone. I ordered a think and think liquid eyeliner that also worked really well. Milani is a USA drug store cosmetic brand based in Los Angeles, California. What makes this company so appealing is that they offer high quality makeup at affordable prices. The products look like they have great pigmentation. Their baked bronzer reminds me of the Urban Decay baked bronzer, which I think is really good. I ended up purchasing the shade that had a gold tint to it (see video for more information). I purchased so many products from Milani online for such a great price. You can also purchase these products on

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